Saturday, August 29, 2009

Baby Shower Blast!!

I just think I am so lucky! My mom and sister Toni and my cousins Bree and Dani threw me the dang cutest baby shower I have ever seen! They really out did themselves. You girls are the BEST!! It was loads of fun and we got tons of really great gifts for baby girl. Thank you so much to everyone who came and sent us gifts. We feel so blessed to have so much love and support!

This is Bree, Me, Toni and Dani (left to right)

I wish I took more pictures of the decorations they were adorable! But I know Bree has got some good pics on her blog so check it out. Here is Mom, Bree, Toni and Dani showing off the refreshments table. Didn't they do awesome?! And it didn't just look good, it was all delicious!!!

Kassidy, Me and McKenna...the soon-to-be aunts!!

Florida Sunrise

Ever since last summer when we lived in North Carolina I thought it would be so cool to watch the sunrise over the ocean. So one morning I pulled Brig out of bed to go down to the beach and he might not agree but I think it was totally worth it! It was so beautiful! Here are some pics so you can let me know if you agree, but the pictures really don't do it justice.

Here's the sun just starting to rise.

Brig was a little sleepy, but he's so good to me. I have the best husband ever!!

The final masterpeice. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

Pregnancy Update

I made a deal with Brigham that I wouldn't post any prego pics on our blog until we got back to AZ because he wanted it to be a surprise how big I got. So now we're back and I have a little updating to do.

I went to Babies R Us to register the other day and I was so pumped because I got to park in the "Expectant Mothers Parking"! I've always thought it would be sweet when I could finally park there and now I can! Yipee! I better live it up while I still can ;)

This is the last mug shot I had Brigham take. I think I must have been a little over 30weeks here but I can't quite remember because Brig didn't let me post it until now.

This is a picture of all us girls at Olive Garden in Florida. There are three of us that are pregnant so the girls threw us a little joint baby shower. It was way sweet of them and we all had lots of fun. I miss you girls!!!!!