Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun in Florida

The beach is beautiful here and lots of fun. One morning this week we went with everyone to the beach. We had a great time swimming and playing football.

While Brigham is out working his butt off I get to hang out with the other girls out here (I know, it's just not fair). Here's a bunch of us out at lunch for Whitney and Leslie's birthdays. So fun!

It's a GIRL!

After two confirming ultra sounds I think it's safe to say that we have a little girl on the way (Sorry Spence). We're so excited! I'm spending all my free time making braclets, socks, and blankets for her.

Here's my first baby belly picture. I'm pretty proud of it! Now I'm more than half way (22 weeks). Just last week Brigham got to feel her kicking for the first time. It was pretty sweet!

First Grandbaby!

Anson and Tennille beat us to the punch. They had lil' Shaefer on April 27th. He is such a sweet little boy. I'm so excited to be an aunt! The whole family just loves him!!!

Toni's Graduation

So I left Brigham in Florida for a week to go back home. Sounds crazy to leave after only being there a few weeks, I know, but I feel justified for a few reasons: 1. My doctor's appointment 2. Toni's graduation 3. Visiting my new, first, one and only nephew! And Anson and Tennille too of course.

Toni's Graduation was great! I was so happy I got to be there for her. Congratulations Girl! Now on to ASU- Go Devils!

The Drive to Florida

After 30 some odd hours of being on the road in our overloaded car we finally made it to Florida. Our apartment here is sweet; two stories, our own garage and a little pond out back. We don't know what to do with all this extra space. But we do love visitors (hint, hint)!

Emilee's Wedding

Here's me, Megan, Emilee and Bree at Emilee's wedding. Congratulations Em and BJ! You two are perfect! I'm so excited that all four of us cousins are married now.