Saturday, November 14, 2009

1 Month Birthday!!

Happy One Month Birthday Brightyn! A whole month has gone by now and we have loved every minute with our little Bright Eyes. Here are some of her firsts and the special moments we caught on camera.

This was her first car ride on our way home from the hospital. It was so fun to bring her home!

This sweet swing was the group gift at my baby shower. This is one of her first times in it. Thanks everyone for the great gift!

Brightyn was a lady bug for her first Halloween. Aunt McKenna got her this little sleep 'n play outfit that was so cute on her. Even though it was a 0-3month size it was pretty big on her, but I still think it was adorable:) We were in Thatcher for Halloween so Brightyn even got to go trick-or-treating with Uncle Spencer. Well sort of, we stayed in the car while Spence ran up to the doors. It was real fun! I'm already excited for next year.

Baby girl just LOVES her bath time! Whether it's in the bathtub or Grandma's kitchen sink she just relaxes and soaks it all in. It's the perfect thing to get her all ready for bed.

Every day we do a little tummy time and she is getting SO STRONG! Check it out she can totally push up on her arms and lift her head up just about as high as it can go. The first time she did it Brigham and I were so surprised, not to mention dang PROUD! But of course we are so proud of anything she does. Even a big burp after meal time gets applause from me.

Grandma Trina got a hold of a baby scale so we got to weigh Brightyn when we were in Thatcher last weekend. We're not sure if the scale was exactly accurate but she weighed in at 10LBS!! We knew she was getting bigger but we didn't think she was that much bigger. Of course she is still tiny, but I can't believe how fast she grows. I guess it's true that you have to savor every moment because before you know it they'll be grown (wipe a tear).