Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brightyn Ann Stevens!!!

And mom is finally posting it on her one week birthday.

Brightyn Ann
Born October 14th at 12:06pm
7lbs 13oz, 21in

I love nakie pictures. Brightyn sure knows how to strike a pose already. She makes the cutest little faces:) We call this one Pink Steel (look out Zoolander).

She loves to stick her tongue out or her bottom lip. When she was born the nurses kept talking about her little pouty face and saying mama better watch out, but she has just been an angel-who likes to make faces.

Aunt Kassidy was dying to try this bow on her. It's so cute, haha, it's about as big as her head. Thanks for making it Marla. I love it! And thanks for teaching me to make all kinds of bows. She'll be decked out for life!

No this beanie is not from Old Navy or Gap, even though it looks like it. My friend Kelly made it for her and I just love it. It fits her perfect! Thanks girl.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Anxiously Waiting!!

Hopefully this is the last prego picture I take. Only one week until my due date and I wish she was already here. At the last visit doctor said we're both doing fine and she's probably about 8lbs. So any day now...
Hurry up baby girl! I can't wait much longer!!!!