Thursday, April 29, 2010

Since We Went Away

Alot has happened in the the last few week for our family. First off, we made it to Nebraska! That's right we are selling alarms again this summer so we will be living in good old Nebraska for the next 4 months. It's been great so far. All the people are so friendly and sales are going great for Brig (knock on wood).

Now we are part of the Cornhusker Nation. EVERYONE here is a fan so here's our little tribute... Go Huskers!

This is our new place for the summer. Isn't it cute?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIGHAM! Yep, Brig just turned 25 this week!! We had a fun little party over the weekend complete with decorations and DQ icecream cake. YUM! I think 25 is kind of a big deal and I wanted to give Brig something special for the occasion so with A TON of help from my Grandma Call and Aunt Brenda I made him this quilt of all his t-shirts from high school football. I'm so happy with how it turned out. He loves it! And best of all it was a complete surprise--so there Brig, I can be sneaky. Thank you Grandma and Brenda for all your help!

Brighty loves the quilt too. Now she has something to read while she's doing tummy time.

Speaking of Brightyn...
She is 6 MONTHS now! We are just starting to try out some solid food-if you call rice cereal solid. She didn't like it much at first but she has warmed up to it a bit the last couple times.

I tried dipping her binky in it to get her to eat it. We make a big mess every time she eats, as you can see.

Oh and one of her top teeth just poked through. Poor kid. It was a rough one.


  1. Yay you posted again! I'm glad you guys got there safely! I can't believe Brightyn is 6 months already! I love her! Ps, Brighams blanket is so awesome! What a lucky husband!

  2. Yeah I am glad you guys are doing well! Landon talked to michael the other day, sounds like nebraska will be awesome, we picked the wrong summer to do sales. You little one is so cute, wish we could see her! Have a great summer!

  3. What a great wife you are! I love the quilt. Your little girlie is pretty dang cute. I know that Bree is completely in love with her. We will get to see you at Austin's wedding. Yay! The rest of my family hasn't seen Brightyn yet. Keep posting. We love seeing how life is for you and your family. Glad the move went well.

  4. You did a great job on the quilt!! Happy Birthday Brig!! Hope you guys have a great summer!!!